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wolf, joe ma dayson, thank you for your time tonight. >> ahead, honoring the legacy of rosa parks. what the president told me about this. and about his fight to finish the struggle for civil rights. plus, you won't believe what the gop's last savior, the latest savior, ted cruz is saying about president obama. he's totally crossing the line. and look out. rush limbaugh's quote. ashamed of america. folks, he may have finally lost it. big show tonight on msnbc. stay with us. ♪ it's a longs walk to d.c., but i've got my walking shoes: i can't take a plane, bus or train because my money ain't that long ♪ ♪ we believe ♪ we believe ♪ that you love us still ♪ so i'm going under to wipe away my tears ♪ [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ] so i used my citi tha
to temperatures in the 20s across the interior valley. santa rosa with 28, napa 29, and livermore at 31 and san jose getting down to the mid 30s. what we have happening is on much cold air, the jet stream pushing to the south and the overnight chill is not going anywhere. by 11:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures will be in the 30s and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we will expect low to mid 30s in the interior valleys of the north bay. we will detail how long the cold nights will last and what our chances will be of any kind of rainfall in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> see you in a bit, thank you, jeff. construction crews cut in a gas line this morning causing a san francisco neighborhood to evacuate, it happened at the corner of 24th and bryant street. in the mission district. pg&e was at the scene. pg&e had to dig up the area around the line to turn off the gas and stop the leak. it took them a couple of hours to complete the repairs and restore service. >> also the north beach neighborhood is finally drying out. for most of the day, it was a wet mess. a water main break flooded the intersection. nea
. they will connect san rafael to santa rosa. but they reveal the train's passenger seats failed the crash test last week. during one test simulating a 25 mile per hour crash, one of the backseats bent back. smart officials say the seats will be resigned this month. >>> no more snow for today, but we are settling in for a cold night. sand jaw patel is here with -- sandhya patel is here with our weather. >> let's check out live doppler 7hd and the skies are pretty clear across the bay area. as we show you a live picture from our high definition roof camera you can see the ferry building and the bay bridge and visibility is good. temperatures are falling. 47 in san francisco and in san jose it is 43 degrees in petaluma. bundle up when you head out the door. i'll be back with a look at your low temperatures and a look at weather in this dry pattern. carolyn? >> thanks. >>> a remarkable exhibit showcasing the life and legacy of china's first emperor opens at the asian art museum in san francisco. the hope is this opportunity to view one of theeatest greatet archaeological discoveries of our time will al
the bay area. that was good enough to drop temperatures to 28 in santa rosa. also 31 in livermore with 34. numbers dropping into the 40s across the peninsula. 49 now in palo alto. we'll let you know how cold it will get in a few minutes. >>> also, say cheese. it's picture day at spring training. some of the giants have a whole new look. >>> and then first in the nation. how stanford is once again setting itself apart from other universities. >> reporter: i'm kimberly tere live in san jose where security cameras in cars are becoming more popular and not just for the obvious reasons. that story coming up. >>> private eyes are watching you. the bay area seeing an increase in the number of personal surveillance cameras. we're talking about on everything from front porches to dashboards and the reasons vary. kimberly terre is live with the details for us. kimberly? >> reporter: jessica, police, as you know, have been using dash cams for years to record their traffic stops, but now more people are buying them and using them for security and surveillance. they're the reason we have so many spect
project failed a key safety check. they will connect san rafael to santa rosa. but they reveal the train's passenger seats failed the crash test last week. during one test simulating a 25 mile per hour crash, one of the backseats bent back. smart officials say the seats will be resigned this month. >>> no more snow for today, but we are settling in for a cold night. sand jaw patel is here with -- sandhya patel is here with our weather. >> let's check out live doppler 7hd and the skies are pretty clear across the bay area. as we show you a live picture from our high definition roof camera you can see the ferry building and the bay bridge and visibility is good. temperatures are falling. 47 in san francisco and in san jose it is 43 degrees in petaluma. bundle up when you head out the door. i'll be back with a look at your low temperatures and a look at weather in this dry pattern. carolyn? >> thanks. >>> a remarkable exhibit showcasing the life and legacy of china's first emperor opens at the asian art museum in san francisco. the hope is this opportunity to view one of the greatest archae
. subfreezing temperatures, 31 in santa rosa. 30 degrees in nappa. mid-30s for concord, livermore, morgan hill. you'll notice fairfield 33 degrees. in san jose, 37 starting off the morning. jackets will do it. you'll need them. sunshine and high clouds in the south bay 60s in cupertino. santa cruz, 63 degrees, pin anyone slarks mid-50s low 60s, redwood city, menlo park 60. pacifica. 58 degrees. temperatures running closer to today's levels perhaps higher, downtown san francisco, 59 check out north bay. 63 in santa rosa. east bay, a nice day. starting out on the chilly side but afternoon, 60s in oakland. san ramone, 57 degrees. i hope you like what unsee. there are no refunds here. mid-50s low 60s. clouds coming through due to a weak system. computer models keeping it dry. sunny and warmer upper 50s to mid-60s. monday there is a slight chance of showers. one computer model wants to bring in showers. we're going to go with a slight chance. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. larry? cheryl? >> looks great up there. i'm going to do sports up there one night. >> come
the superintendent attended the rosa, parks school it was a wonderful event where the kids had t-shirts with rosa parks on it and a wonderful celebration and i want to thank the lake shore elementary community for including me on their mass and literacy night. >> commissioner mendoza? >> so i attended the kinsy collection opening at malad which was amazing and it really demonstrated the great work of our african american community. and there, the collection is going to be at moad and so the museum in san francisco from february 8th through may the 19th. and it is telling the story about african american history and culture from 1632 to present. and their selection included both art and historical treasures that have been collected over the years and we are actually working with one of our partners to see, about getting all of our middle school students down to see the collection. and then, last night, we joined tom, the state superintendent for the teacher of the year and the national teacher candidate is from oakland. and unified school district. and it was a wonderful event, really highlighting
in santa rosa but a couple of miles up it is twice that fast. from mount tamalpais the camera was shake and you can see the trees shaking toward san francisco where it is 51 and oakland is 53 and san jose 50. walnut creek is 54 and palo alto 54 and mill valley is 59. in san jose we are awash in sunshine, santa rosa is 55 and napa is 52 and fair at 50, los gatos 51 and gilroy and concord is the cool spot at 49. today, it will be mostly sunny and breezy with temperatures below average. for the weekend it will be brightest and warmest on sunday, if you have plans that is the best day and through the next seven days it looks to be dry and beautiful from emeryville toward san francisco, our back drop showing how you temperatures are 1 degrees to four degrees cooler-than-average today. so, what is the reason? we still have a northwestern flow bringing the cool air in and the low that passed by this morning with the clouds, it is gone, and we will just have high pressure steering the storm to the north with the clock-wise motion. temperatures today in the south by at 51 if san jose and everyon
with liquor licenses. he's proposing a cap on new ones. sounds good to the owner of gypsy rosa lee's moving her wig shop from north beach five years ago. >> you can only tolerate so much drunkenness around you. >> the city small business commission would prefer targeting concentration of bars by keeping a new one 100 feet from an existing establishment. >> this is allowing for flexibility of new businesses to come into the area but sort of spread out. >> linda wants much tougher restricks, placing flyers around the community asking if knob hill is becoming the new las vacationas. >> other districts dealt with this by saying if a business closes with an alcohol license another can't move in. >> we found no sympathy among those who frequent neighborhood bars. >> america founded on free enterprise. what is the problem? you know? that is what people want. if you don't like noise go, move to redding. >> the supervisor hsu may hear a lot of noise when he holds his next hearing next month. >> national weather series says the tornado that hit yesterday was rated ef zero, the weakest. it touched dow
this time last night. 43 right now in napa. 46 in santa rosa. 47 in san jose and 44 in sunnyvale. let's get you outside of the hd sky camera network as we get you geared up for thursday. a little bit of haze, but not too much the way of low cloud coffer in san jose. from emeryville, looking to san francisco, it is so hard to see, but with our screens in here in the studio, those hd screens we have a slight marine layer back near the coastline. that will give us some fog near the coast, also for parts of the north bay. it's not expected to be a widespread event. so for tomorrow morning, i know a lot of you after the cold start we had today with 20 and low 30s want to know exactly how cold it's going to get. looks like the north bay is going to be one of the coldest again, but here again good news. not as cold as it was. 37 in santa rosa. 37 in napa. 41 in is only. and back towards santa cruz, also 39, with 43 in san francisco. daytime highs on thursday will be slightly warmer. we'll have plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. 60 in palo alto. 61 in los gatos. 59 in santa cruz. cooler back towa
area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:14. napa is the cooler spot at 33 and 41 in santa rosa and 40 at novato and san francisco at 46 and san carlos and fremont at 41, and oakland at 43 and hayward 39 and los gatos and concord at 38 right now. through today, it will not be quite is private as it was yesterday during the afternoon hours, maybe more cloud cover but in the mid-50's with a lot of sun at noon and low 50's at the coast at 4:00, and near 60 for the prosecute of us and upper 40's to mid-50's by 7:00. have a great day. eric? >> new this morning in health news, a just released study finds children consuming fewer calories than a decade ago and the new numbers show the average boy ate 2,100 calories in 2010, a 7 percent drop from the decade prior. girls ate 1,755 calorie as day in 2010, a 4 percent drop. part of the reason for the decrease is children are eating fewer carbs. from southern california, a san diego county school district is now facing a new lawsuit because it offers yoga classes to students. the parents argue that yoga classes in the school district are religious and a vio
check. the sonoma and marin rail transit connects san rafael to santa rosa. official revealed the passenger seats failed a crash test. during one test stimulating 25 miles per hour crash one seat bent back and officials say the seats will be redesigned this month. >> a noon hour rally is planned at city college of san francisco today, members of the city college of san francisco coalition want the board of trust to reverse consults saying the board has refused to which you them in discussions on the accreditation and budget prizes that the school has been undergoing since last fall. city college director must submit a report to explain the changes and why the college remains opened. >> warmer, early this morning than yesterday but i saw a 32 up in forward. >> so, not warming up. mike? >> we had frost this morning so 32 at my house and it was just starting to freeze so there are pockets of colder weather. we will be in the mid-30's to upper 30's influence 7:00 and low-to-mid 40's from the bay not coast and a lot of sunshine with temperatures in the mid-50's with more cloud cove
low 60s in the richmond. 60s and concord. cooler along the coast. and 62 degrees in santa rosa to look at your extended forecast chance for some light showers in the north bay. but mainly cooler temperatures. we will rebound with mild conditions for next week. federal officials are blaming unsafe working conditions. for the death of a san francisco veterans affairs medical researcher. last year, richard din. was working on a vaccine for a rare strain of meningitis - when he himself became infected with the disease. and later died. a livermore mother. fresh out of state prison. is now being questioned by police about a cyber- bullying attack against one of her victims. christine hubbs. seen in this video from a earlier court date. was convicted of having sex with two teenage boys. she was arrested on friday for a parole violation. just days after being released. then on saturday, police tell kron 4 news. threatening messages about one of the victims appeared online. livermore police tell us, the victim was frightened and called 9-1-1. the posts have been removed from the internet. polic
futurecast. it will be a bit warmer with temperatures in the 50s. yes it will be cold 30's through santa rosa. 33 in livermore. some frost expected in those locations. how 40's along the coast and for the afternoon 50s and 60s tomorrow. less wind. it will still nice and the south bank. and 59 degrees in livermore. a bit cooler along oceanside. and 60s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with a drive for the next couple of days. in the will get more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. as we go towards next week with the warmer weather is expected. >> a new growing problem - aquarium dumping. these tiny goldfish that used to be somebody's pets are ending up in lake tahoe. and as you can see have become a monster problem. they are growing bigger and multiplying. and environmentalists. are worried. the giant goldfish are reaching a foot and a half long. they are non native and researchers are pulling them out of the water in more numbers than they care to see. giant goldfish are turning up in lakes an streams around the world. scientists think it's the result of people emptyin
toward napa and santa rosa. san jose starting out the morning 38 degrees and san francisco at the 43 so mostly clear and cold, maybe a patch or two of some fog in some of the inland valleys of the north bay. so forth tonight just want to bundle up in the short term. tomorrow fair skies and in the weekend morning clouds for saturday but skies becoming partly sunny into the afternoon. here is our old system moving out toth south and to the east. clear skies and all the rain and snow is not in our weather picture anymore as high pressure continues to build out here in the pacific the storm track heads way up to our north dry weather forecast thursday, friday. i could almost extend this into the weekend but there is a slight chance of a few sprinkles for saturday morning but it's a minimal chance. take this into thursday at 5:00 mostly clear skies out there. into friday a few high clouds paying us a visit. notice om rain showers up to our north up along the north coast. early saturday morning talking really early about 5:00 lots of cloud cover out there and we could have a few sprinkles mos
low clouds are holding up these lows. nasa and santa rosa we had a few more 20s and we have 20s and 30s in fairfield. 16, up to 30 mile-per-hour gusts and we have some locations as calm and mostly sunny and gradual warming and patchy low clouds, a good breeze as well, very low 60s and running slightly below normal on these temperatures, maybe by sunday, then everything points towards sunny and warmer weather. then we wantp it right backup, steve, why cyber spying may be happening more than we thought. >>> and the fight against blight, how one bay area city is fighting back. >>> good morning, highway 4 westbound, it looks good coming up to the willow pass grade and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather stay tuned. . >>> welcome back, an overnight car bombing at syria happened at security checkpoint and a mortgager at a command center. bashar assad said he is not responsible for the conflict and when asked about its future, he said the decision should be made by the syrian people. >>> it's not just law firms and think tanks, they are being targeted for most
asesinados en este aÑo escolar... maria rosa luccini con los detalles. la historia se repite.... jovenes caminando en la calle... se escuchan disparos.... y nuevos asesinatos en prince george... las recientes victimas fueron identificadas como aaron kidd de 18-aÑos y andre shuford tambien de 18...los adolescentes fueron baleados en este estacionamiento de un complejo de apartamentos en forestville... "lamentablemente esas vidas de jovenes que tienen quizas un futuro brillante que podrian lograr graduarse y seguir adelante y sean ciudadanos que contribuyan a la sociedad" los disparos se originaron en la cuadra 3-mil 700 de la calle donnell drive cerca a las cinco y media de la tarde ayer... 24 horas despues que otro joven tambien fuera asesinado...organizaciones como el centro latinoamericano de la juventud aboga por programas de prevencion e intervencion... "son jovenes que necesitan estar involucrados en algo positivo, programas despues de las escuelas porque muchas mamas o papas no estan ahi para recibirlos, entonces hay programas alternativos donde los jovenes pueden estar involucra
are seeing 10 mi. an hour went in santa rosa. 13 in santa rosa. >> temperatures may be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. concord 61. oakland 61. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows sunny weather. temperatures on the cool side into the weekend. we could see the slim possibility for rain in the north bay saturday. i do not think it will affect the rest of the bay area. it is not looking like the four communities north of the golden gate bridge. >> cloudy conditions the temperatures warmer as we start the next work week. >> in the traffic center no hot spots. a quiet ride. here is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have overnight construction. no slowdowns. we're good coming from all the approaches. >> the san mateo bridge looking good the west bound trip toward foster city and south bound 101, the golden gate the drive 14 minutes from novato into the city. >> things are back to normal this morning a berkeley street after police standoff shutdown the area. >> police surrounded the residence in the 1600 block of addison street where a man believed to be armed with h
in san jose right now. 45 in san francisco. 41 in santa rosa. and 38 degrees in concord. high pressure trying to slide in. it's going to send the jet stream just to the north of the bay area so that will keep us dry. still a chance they could see some snow showers in lake tahoe area but not for us. we are done with the snow and the rain. looks like for the foreseeable future. temperatures will be on the cooler side though. usually in the low to about the mid-60s at this time of year. today well we are going to be cooler than that about 60 degrees in san jose. about 58 in san francisco. and 59 degrees in livermore. all right. it's traffic time. for that we head to elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. it's a nice time to be out on the roads so far this morning. things are busy in some spots. a lot of the overnight roadwork and incidents are gone. we have metering lights on over at the bay bridge. they just turned them on a couple of minutes ago so now we have delays in the cash lanes especially. pretty soon there will be delays i'm sure in the
here in a couple spots. fairfield 34, concord 37, napa, are santa rosa 34. the low pressure area that gave snow to portions of arizona, scottsdale at 2,000 feet had some snow. that's pushing into west texas and new mexico. for us, in the wake of that low pressure area, we have a clockwise throw around there. if you were outside, you felt that breeze today. we'll v that once again tomorrow. the overall weather pattern for the west coast is going to be very stormy, very wet, very snowy in the mountains. but it all is going to miss us to the north because of high pressure parked to our west. the sierra will get some snowfall. but the bay area likely will remain try, temperatures trending into the 60s coming for the weekend and next week. mornings chilly, days seasonal: the storms just miss us, a couple showers possible in the extreme north bay. aside from that, dry again for another week. concord, san jose, 59 degrees tomorrow. pittsburgh 58 tomorrow. sunshine in san ramon. extended forecast, low to mid-60s over the weekend and dry. that's where we stay next week. zero rainfall! >>
and mountain view and concord and novato and santa rosa. as we head into the afternoon it will be a few more clouds than yesterday but temperatures are mild around 60 for the bay and low 60's inland and mid-50 and breezy conditions at the coast. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we have a live shot of the golden gate bridge with crews headed in the northbound direction to pick up the cones and open up the lanes for your morning commute with four southbound lanes. we have road work at the northern portion of the span to be picked up in
cool, 57 degrees in san leandro, 58 breezy in of, and about 61 degrees in santa rosa. 58 breezy in san francisco. tomorrow frost in the valleys overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. then by the afternoon, we are looking good. the next couple of days a lot of sunshine, couple of clouds, but the weekend looking very nice. plenty of sunshine and some very nice weather and it looks like it's going to last well into next week. and do you have something else you need to say, michelle? >> i have a lot to say! we don't have enough time! [ laughter ] >> it's biological. it's not my fault. >> i'm not saying a thinking. >>> stephanie tantillo is in the kitchen with her dad today with a flavorful chicken dish. [ laughter ] >>> what we have in here is some ground chicken with some cumin which is really good on like meats and poultry and stuff but we don't use it that much and we also have spinach, grape tomatoes and onions all sauteeing together. >> the onions are sweet onions right now that are in season or coming in. you do haven't to saute them for a lo
, it runs in eight stages starting in escondido and ends up in santa rosa. >>> we are just two days away from the giants' first cactus league game. >> that is right. the national league mvp says he's ready to play ball. laurence scott is in scottsdale, arizona. he got buster posey's take on spring training. >> reporter: thank you. we're here in scottsdale where the giants are getting set for cactus league play in the coming days. and you want to look at buster posey, the reigning national league mvp. four teams passing over him in the 2008 draft. don't you think they wish they had that over again? right now, we're seeing one of the best players in baseball doing his thing, night in, night out. it all starts right here in spring. take a look. buster posey's impact on the success of the giants goes without question. and as one of the team's leaders, coming off an mvp season capped by yet another world series title, he knows well the rituals of spring start the process of being ready for opening day. >> it feels good. it's nice to have the whole squad out here now, doing live b.p., which
el adelanto de la informacion deportiva.. buenas tardes mario y maria rosa, a menos de un mes para que llegue la temporada de primavera el invierno se resiste a partir de nuestra region, pues de hecho estamos a la espera de precipitaciones que incluyen lluvia helada, nieve y granizo... actualmente tenemos una temperatura maxima de 39 grados con viento soplando en rafagas ligeras y el cielo parcialmente nublado... a nivel regional se observa un incremento en la nubosidad... esta noche esperamos cielo parcialmente nublado y temperatura minima de 33 grados con brisa ligera... maÑana viernes esperamos tener un cielo mayormente nublado con probabilidad de nieve la probabilidad de precipitacio nes esta vigente desde las ocho de la maÑana, sin embargo es a partir de las cuatro de la tarde cuando esta probabilidad se incrementa a un 60% estas precipitaciones incluyen lluvia helada, granizo y nieve de cuatro a 11 de la noche, a partir de la medianoche esperamos solo lluvias... los dejo con el pronostico extendido... observen que no todo son malas noticias, esperamos cielos soleados el dom
especially when we're at it 2% of average santa rosa. it's really just illustrates how wet december was because january third dry effort in san francisco history. those records go way back. february pretty dry thus far. we're still at it 2% of average. cold tonight you knew that because the air is clear. the clouds, the sky is clear. the air is still, the winds are down and we're going to see temperatures drop below freeze in the fort bay valley. you're going to find temperatures that are going to be below freezing by about or 4 degrees. that means frost is certainly a potential not just in inland bay valleys. frost and hayward ports of fremont as well. so frost tomorrow morning a cold start to your day. temperatures tomorrow come close to where they were today. we will lots of upper 50s today. santa cruz was in the low 60s. tomorrow morning when you wake up it's purple. those are 30s. there will be 20s too but that's a broad brush. daytime highs greens are 60s, some 60s are starting to show up. and the blues will be's. slightly warmer for your tomorrow. go looking for rain in the f
tonight. current temperature in santa rosa is 46. 43 in napa. 47 in concourt. numbers are going to drop down into the low 30s. even upper 20s in some north bay valleys. napa 29 degrees for an overnight low. frosts on the windchills, if you've been having much frost and a chilly start to your day. when i come back, the five-day forecast, we're going to go looking for rain. there is a little bit of unsettled weather in the five day. we'll take a look at your weekend as well. see you back here. >>> three northern california cities have received letters to see if they're interested in bidding the 2024 olympic games. san francisco was one of the cities contacted by the olympic committee. today, san jose's mayor said san jose just doesn't have the billions of dollars needed to pay for sports facilities, or an olympic village. is a spokeswoman for mayor ed lee's office in san francisco said right now, the city is focused on the america's cup, and a super bowl bid. >>> $33 million. handing out some big prizes. and you won't want to miss tonight's special report. in 8 minutes, ktvu investigates,
. in the north bay valleys below freezing at napa and santa rosa overnight. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies. in the south bay highs around 60 degrees. 61 san jose. on the peninsula, highs up to 61. on the coast, 5 58 pacifica. up in the north bay a widespread area of mild conditions with highs in the low 60s at napa, sonoma and santa rosa. on the inbound, look for are highs of 60 oakland. san leandro at 59. 61 antioch and pittsburgh. 612 at fairfield and concord. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the forecast in few days mainly sunny through friday and mild. remains mild on saturday although it will be partly cloudy. mainly sunny on sunday with high temperatures climbing up to that mid up toker 60s. and upper 50s on the coast. then we have a slight chance of showers on monday. not a great chance of rain, though. and what rain does fall if any will be very light and then sunny and mild on tuesday and wednesday. a lovely string of seven days ahead. >> and looks like it will be he great for the chinese new year's parade. >> i forget about that. nice and nile and dry. >> thanks, s
a la de prince royce y ricky martin cantará con draco rosa. >>> con un especial tributo de lupillo rivera será recordada la diva de la banda, carlos vives cuenta las horas para subir la escenario, juan luis guerra y pitbull le ponen sabor a la noche y alejandro sanz se llevará a casa el premio de la excelencia, contiágese con el espíritu de premios lo nuestro ahora mismo en primer impacto ♪. se vist ede gala para la celebración de 25 años de premios lo nuestro. >>> así es y las estrellas latinas están listas para brillar. >>> hola, ¿qué tal amigos? les saluda bárbara bermudo. >>> y también les saluda pamela silva conde, gracias por acompañarnos en esta tarde tan especial. >>> más adelante, como siempre hacemos, tenemos todo lo que pasa aquí en el american airlines arena, pero será más adelante en miami. >>>ppero antes tenemos a natalia con las noticias de día. >>> muy buenas tardes, chicas, regresamos con ustedes en solo minutos pero antes tenemos un crimen que ha consternado a el salvador donde un bebé fue asesinado por su padre, ernesto rivas con el reclamo d
as you get into the early morning hours of santa rosa. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. so below freezing freezing frosty in the morning hours. you'll certainly see frost tomorrow morning. vallejo and fremont good chance to see some frost. be ready for it. it is in the 50s maybe a couple of low 60s. as we head into the weekend certainly friday night early saturday morning we might see a sprinkle. it looks as throw it will be a very weak event. our system depositing snow around spring training but that's south of here. high pressure stays with us thursday and friday gives us a dry forecast with minor warming. really right into the next couple of days into most of the weekend. the weekend is going to cool off i'll show you why thursday 1:00 tomorrow and thursday, friday afternoon. this is what i'm watching. thursday, friday looks nice like today. here's what i'm watching. there thing comes down friday night late into saturday morning as it goes through kind of switches airmass is a little bit going to cool things off for your saturday a few degrees and maybe bring some sprink
. another live view looking down towards ocean beach. under clear skies it's 60 degrees now in santa rosa. first forecast this evening, clear skies and chilly. temperatures from 44 to 52. there may be frost in early morning hours, lows from 30 degrees to 42. by afternoon, sunny skies and mild with highs from mid-50s at the coast to low 60s inland. i'll give you a look at how long this mild, dry stretch >> thank you. >> crews have"zb6ñ capped a watr line in san francisco. gallons rushed down to mason in north beach. officials say cold weather was part of the rob problem. >> 1925 pipe just probably broke through to age.iiji normally in cold weather we get more water main breaks due to the cold and the age of the pipe autos the owner had things cleaned up in time to open forgh)ft business. inspectors checked to make sure it had not clogged the line this happened near 24th and bryant in the mission district. sky 7 flew over the scene crews worked to cap the lines. a contractor doing excavation work as part of a project dropped a rock where those three lines come together causing the break.
charges, it could happen sometime this week. santa rosa is about 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. we are about 45 right now with a very nice weather ahead. more on your weather forecast coming up. whatwh makes your family smile? backflipfls and cartwheels. love, wa, rmth. here, retry this. mmmm, ok! ching!g! i likeli the fact that there's lotslo of different tastes going on. mmmm!! breakfaskft i'm vem ry impressed. this is ia great cereal! honey buy nches of oats. i hei ar you crunching. >> 11 health researchers received $3 million each from a new foundation set up by some of the tech world's heaviest hitters. facebook c l mark zuckerberg, google co-founder and search a brand and apple board chairman art levin sen announced the creation of the break surprise first health sciences. the group is pouring millions of their own money toward those who conduct research that would save lives. >> in science they don't have the same opportunity. because of that i think it would just be a shame of a lot of folks are trying to grow up figuring out what they were wont to do. they choose not to g
for five things to know for you on this thursday morning. a new stamp honoring civil rights icon rosa parks will be unveiled in baltimore later today. congressman cummings and other state leaders will join the postal service for that unveiling. this will take place at the museum scheduled for 11:00. >>> plaque history month amtrak is holding a celebration at penn station starting at 11:00 this morning. passengers will see exhibits and learn the unique contributions of african- americans to the railroad industry throughout history. >>> wal-mart workers and their supporters will unveil the profits the retail giant makes in an event in catonsville. a new report will be released. the group will meet at the wal- mart at the corner of rolling road and baltimore national pike. >>> the rave have plans -- ravens have plans today. later today members will hold a press conference to talk about the improvements in the work that's going to be done at m&t bank stadium. we'll keep you posted on that. >>> justin timberlake and jay-z may be coming to town. they call him jt. poise today make a stop this summ
history month with a special stamp dedicated to civil rights pioneer rosa parks. others include the emancipation proclamation. the stamps will tell the story. also recognizing black history month today, amtrak is highlighting african-american contributions to the development of the railroads. have you ever heard of granville t. woods? he developed a system that control the flow of electricity in the 1800's. the program today includes guest speakers including an original member of the tuskegee airmen. we are just over an hour away from the next dep and anne arundel counties future after a long series of scandals. 16 candidates are applying begin applying for the county executive seat vacated by john leopold. >> one paintbrush at a time, how these kids are helping to brighten up downtown westminster. each mwc here symbolizes someone's in the bowl in real life -- each empty bowl. they will be donated to charity events. in years past, the campaign has raised up to $150,000 for area homeless shelters and started programs for homeless children. you can host your own bowl decorating pa
today. one will be of rosa parks and the other is of the emancipation proclamation. a dedication ceremony is happening today at the edge until f. lewis museum in baltimore. >>> slick roads in parts of california. take a look. cameras were rolling as a number of cars slammed into one another on i-15. eight cars piled up along the snow and ice covered roads and there were a few minor injuries reported. officials have issued a warning to people to slow down because of the icy conditions. once again we've talked about this throughout the morning. 18 states to be affected by this. but some of the names we're not used to. parts of southern california, arizona? >> i know that's where you go golfing this time of year but it's ugly and lynette i know a lot of people are wondering if that's going to hit us and how hard and when. >> all right, yes it is going to hit us. not so hard but again it's relative because we are going to be dealing with more of the icy conditions. so that could hit harder than actual snow. i'm going to detail more of that coming up. let's talk. temperatures this mor
estudiantes en la vida de sus companeros de clases... buenas tardes mario y maria rosa, hoy tuvimos un dia con cielo despejado y soleado,pe pero temperatura fresca y rafagas de viento que sin duda hicieron que la sensacion termica se sintiera aun mas fresca... actualmente tenemos una temperatura de 40 grados con cielo mayormente nublado, y viento que sopla desde el oeste de 20 a 28 millas por hora... a nivel regional observamos cielos mayormente nubladosa esta hora de la tarde... esta noche esperamos una temperatura minima de 33 grados y un descenso en la nubosidad... para maÑana jueves el pronostico es de cielo mayormente despejado, soleado y temperatura maxima de 41 grados con viento ligero, en la noche esperamos un incremento en la nubosidad y eso se debe a un sistema de precipitaciones que se esta desplazando hacia nuestra region... se espera que para el viernes una mezcla de nieve y granizo que se estariaanesarrollando a partir de las once de la maÑana hasta horas de la noche... y para el sabado lluvias... este es el reporte del tiempo, regreso con ustedes compaÑeros ... muchos estudia
-- santa rosa has more of a north wind. 47 half moon bay. gust -- walnut creek 34, it's still cold. north wind oakland. some areas are calm. a lot of missing data here. nine miles an hour at santa rosa. that's what is holding them up but napa says calm. there is the system in the middle of the country. it's a whopper. it goes from the rockies to the northern plain to the deep south moving through texas and it'll mara cross the country producing a lot of very active weather. mostly sunny today. patchy, it's breezy out of the northwest. that went quick but the speed readers caught that. 50s and 60s, livermore should say 58, low 60's for many of these. still slightly below average, not much change friday, cooldown saturday and then sun and warmer weather sunday into monday. >> a marathon standoff ended in san diego county between a gunman and sheriff's deputies. the man was angry that his mother took out a restraining order and he barricaded himself in the family home. he shot and wounded two sheriff's deputies, they are expected to recover fully. early this morning the standoff ended tragi
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looking nice this morning. we have 37 degrees in concord, 40 in santa rosa, 40 in san jose and 39 degrees in livermore. high pressure sneaking back in here but it's got a boundary between the ridge of high pressure and low pressure system diving to the south creating breezy conditions throughout the bay area today especially at the coast so it's going to feel cooler there and the temperatures going to be down just a bit. normally we are looking at numbers in the low to mid-60s. a little cooler than normal by the afternoon but not bad. 60 in san jose, 58 in san francisco. and 60 degrees in concord. we'll have more on that weekend forecast coming up in a moment. right now, let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. and if you ride ace train, train 1 is almost 25 minutes late. and it's because of some earlier freight train traffic so it's heading into manteca right now but just a heads up, we are not hearing of any potential delays for ace train 3 yesterday but number 1 is definitely behind schedule. all other mass transit is on ti
. already down to 51 in livermore. san jose 51. santa rosa 51. those are spots that will likely make it to the upper 30s again tonight. oakland in the upper 50s, concord and san francisco in the mid-50s. our radar is clear. we dealt with the precipitation yesterday. but in its wake the low pressure that moved out moved on. in the sierra up to 12k" of fresh snow the first widespread snow in three weeks fell in the sierra making it tough for drivers but, you know, the mountains need it and we need to put that water in the bank for later in the year. it's golf season in tucson but not today. there's the saguaro cactus and golf tournament canceled because of the significant snow. they got a couple of inches of snow in tucson and i checked with friends in seattle. tucson, arizona, has now officially had more snowfall than seattle, washington this year. one of the crazy things weather- wise on the west coast. tonight we are cloudy skies, no new snow for us. san rafael 39, vallejo 41. 43 tomorrow morning in oakland. 41 mountain view and 40 for san jose
't survive." >> we have funerals for olivia engel at 1:00 at saint rosa lima and dylan hockley in bethel. same thing we've been doing-- just be outside, respectful distance. is there anything else we need in newtown daily developments beyond that happening, anything we know of? >> yeah, one of the teachers, her stepfather is a reporter here. and i think as sort of a defense mechanism i thought, "it couldn't be," you know? "we'd know already something." and eventually it was confirmed. so, you know, a story that was difficult enough for all of us to report anyway was, you know, that much more emotional, that much more difficult. >> the sort of overarching issue that i'm looking at is whether or not sandy hook truly is a tipping point in the debate over gun violence, and that whatever the solutions are out there, these 20 innocent children lost, this will make a difference. and i'm sort of examining that optimism against the reality that the gun control debate in america is exceedingly divisive. >> it is a sad honor to be here today. it's been one month since i lost my son dylan, and 25 ot
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. santa rosa, napa. we are expecting patchy frost. 30's and '40's for the bay shore. as we take a look at the afternoon highs. things are going to warm up and we will have less wind. it will feel warmer in a look at your extended forecast. saturday, change is coming back to the forecast with a slight chance to the north bay. many more cloud coverage and breezy temperatures we will be back. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ at&t. at ikea, we don't just we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone. >> take a look at this. a contender for the nba all star team
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